Indonesia is the home of the TEAK TREE​

Meet the protagonists of our designs: Indonesia is the home of the TEAK TREE, and for thousands of years, teak has been the number
one wood material for  making both exclusive houses, furniture and even boats for the world’s
elite. Laxholm only sources wood from state
own plantations to ensure that the trees have
been cultivated and treated with the greatest
care, supporting sustainable forestry practices
while reducing illegal logging and trading.
Teak is extraordinary flexible and strong, and
with its high oil content, high tensile strength,
and tight grain, it is particularly suitable when
weather resistance is needed. The color varies from shining silver to deep honey depending on the treatment of its surface, and the wood only requires a minimum of care to last for many years.

Simple, fast and

RATTAN is a 100% natural product made from the leaves and branches of  tropical trees and plants. Their fibers are used to braid baskets, seats, furniture, and utensils by the local people everywhere in southeast Asia where the
traditions for rattan raiding is many centuries old.
Unlike bamboo, rattan is solid and can be bend in many shapes without losing its strength and durability. The much cheaper and less durable polyrattan is made of plastic and has nothing to
do with the rattan that we  use in our production.
Because of the flexibility of natural rattan, it is a perfect material for furniture that must endure environments with different levels of temperature and humidity.

How to clean teak

Regular cleaning of your teak will help prevent mildew build-up and potential discoloration. A quick wash with mild soap and water and some bleach or vinegar mixed in usually does the trick. Make sure to use a soft plastic brush as metal brushes can scratch and damage the wood’s surface.

Some harder to clean stains can be removed with a store-bought teak cleaner.
When cleaning your teak, always start with the mildest cleaning solution. If that doesn’t work, try something more concentrated.

Oiling teak furniture

Oiling teak furniture is not a method for protecting the wood but rather a way to retain and enhance the wood’s natural golden color.
Some people prefer this look to the natural weathering of the wood when left  untreated. Oiled teak furniture is best for indoor use as the environment is more stable. If you choose to oil furniture that will be outside you will need to be
more regular with the maintenance, by oiling the furniture every 5 to 6 months and keeping the furniture out of direct sunlight.

Only oil teak furniture once it has been
completely cleaned. Cleaning will remove any
natural oils built up on the surface and applying
a new coat of oil will restore the original
character of the wood.