“Meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”

That is a broad definition of what sustainability is.

We must agree that the future generation also has the right to be able to utilize natural resources and energy.

But what will happen if the natural resource already damaged?

We need to do some actions to avoid more severe damage. It is our responsibility to ensure that the needs and interest of present and future generations are fully safeguarded.

Sustainability means preserving or maintaining resources and energy over the long term rather than insourcing them quickly to meet short time needs or goals.


To be involved in pursuing sustainability, some efforts that we can do:

  1. Using wood from the trees that correctly and legally harvested.
  2. We contributed to reforestation efforts by being partner of One Tree Planted Org. We are planting trees as replacement of wood we use.
  3. Using recycled wood
  4. Utilizing waste of wood to gain product diversification
  5. Using Eco-friendly finishing material
  6. Conducting correct management of industrial waste


We always try to make sure that the route from cutting of the trees until shipping our furniture is done in the most efficient way.

Direct container ensures you that there is no extra cost for any transport or handling.

We can do direct container for:

  • Hotel project
  • Villa project
  • Wholesale
  • Shops / Retailers
  • Cruise liners

It’s cheaper and easier than you think, to place an order to us and book a container directly.